Productshot of a yellow MineGrid 80-80-30 S
Now even more sustainable with Minegrid eco
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HUESKER Australia Pty Ltd
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Minegrid® for Mining & Quarrying

Reliable and proven Longwall Recovery, Highwall and Rib Support

Minegrid is manufactured from high-tenacity polyester and is coated with a flame-resistant, anti-static coating. Minegrid standard tensile strengths range from 35 kN/m to 1,000 kN/m however, HUESKER is capable of manufacturing tensile support solutions which goes well beyond this. Standard roll size is 5m x 100m, but shorter, narrower rolls can be supplied upon request. The wide range of the Minegrid product line allows mines and quarries to customize to fit their need. HUESKER offers holistic service from design to post install audits with mine specific customization, risk assessment assistance and operational audit. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Recycled PET geogrid Minegrid eco with yellow color coding

Minegrid eco

Sustainable protection grid for efficient mining

Minegrid is now available made from 100% recycled PET. It has the same excellent performance as the original product made from virgin PET, making your project sustainable and safe. The product is manufactured with a tensile strength of 35 kN/m as standard, although we can also produce it with very high tensile strengths on request. MineGrid eco is part of the HUESKER ecoLine, which contributes to even more sustainable construction with geotextiles.


  • Sustainable version of our classic product Minegrid 35/35-55
  • FRAS compliant and meets all MSHA requirements
  • Fire resistant and antistatic coating
  • Best visibility due to yellow color coding even in very low light conditions


To our ecoLine


Ceiling of a tunnel reinforced with Minegrid geogrid

Why choose Minegrid Geogrids?

Since 1994, Minegrid has been used to recover longwalls, support ribs, and reinforce highwalls in mines and quarries around the world. Minegrid has proven itself in the most extreme conditions and has always been the industry standard for quality. Minegrid has an unequaled safety record and mines and quarries depend on Minegrid to enhance safety, production, and profitability in their operations. Minegrid is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.


  • High tensile strength
  • Low elongation/less deformation
  • Resistant to chemical degradation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Ease of installation due to low weight/high strength


HUESKER Services

We accompany you through the entire project

HUESKER Longwall Recovery Services - We provide professional and close collaboration from conceptional design to after installation audit for faster and safer recoveries. Services for miners, by miners!

Superior Design

HUESKER performs detailed evaluations and analysis of underground geotechnical coal seam and mining conditions, which are incorporated into every recovery system supplied.

Operational Audit

After the system install / longwall move we do an operational audit to ensure that everything that was done during the move/install was done properly

  • Photo Evidence
  • LW Face & Installation Positioning
  • Design Drawings Audit
  • Accessories Compatibility to PRS and Design
  • Product Improvement

Risk Assessment Assistance

Pre–longwall move and pre- system install risk assessment assistance and procedural documentation

  • Action Assignment
  • Compliance Adherent
  • Realistic Action Timeframe Agreement
  • Document Reviewal Assistance

Mine Specific Customization

If the team found there is anything that can be done better with the next move/install we work together on the preparation of the mine specific operational move/install methodologies and procedural documentation.

Operational documents:

  • Review/Improvement
  • Agreeance
  • Implementation
  • Feedback