Cross section of a channel lined with Incomat".
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Supreme Lining and Erosion Control Performance

Particularly on power station canal refurbishment projects where installation of the lining necessitates drainage of the canal, the resulting downtime and lost energy production pose a major problem. Here, Incomat Standard, a lining system requiring neither full nor partial canal drainage, offers the ideal solution. The concrete lining also provides long-lasting erosion protection. HUESKER’s product portfolio additionally features geosynthetic systems for lining power station, irrigation and drinking water canals under dry conditions. Some of these applications involve the use of geosynthetic clay liners.

Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Filter and separation layer
  • Geotextile filters

  • Constant filter and protective layer thickness

  • High robustness

  • Reduced revetment construction thickness

  • Products: HaTe Nonwovens, Tektoseal Sand, Bastetrac Woven

  • Use of geosynthetic concrete mattress systems

  • Constant concrete thickness on steep slopes and under water

  • Installable under operating conditions

  • Additional erosion control function

  • Products: Incomat, Tektoseal Clay, NaBento, Canal3

Erosion control
  • Range of system designs of varying appearance

  • Different grades of robustness and durability

  • Possibility of combining erosion control and lining

  • Products: Incomat, SoilTain Sandbags