TechnoTex knitted fabrics: High-strength and versatile solutions from HUESKER
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TechnoTex Knitted Fabrics

Notable features of the knitted fabrics include their high strength and strain capacity.

TechnoTex knitted fabrics are made of high-strength synthetics such as polyester, polyamide, aramid and polyethylene. Open fabric structures are coated and stabilized with polymer. Multifilament or monofilament yarn is normally used as the raw material.

  • Possible materials: polyester (PES), polyamide (PA), aramid (PPTA), polyethylene (PE)

  • Different weights per unit area on offer

  • Standard and made-to-measure sizes available

  • Optional properties: low-flammability, antistatic, UV-resistant

  • Use as base fabric for further processing as well as for various applications in automotive and aviation sectors, e.g. as hinge fabrics or retaining straps for airbag covers, sports sector, industrial sector etc.

Why choose TechnoTex knitted fabrics?

Notable features of our knitted fabrics include their high strength, high strain capacity (where required by the design) and good dimensional stability. Thanks to the diverse choice of materials and structures, they lend themselves to a wide variety of applications.