Illustrative cross-section of the different road layers with HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid.
Detailed view of the HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid layer from HUESKER.
Detailed view of how HaTelit asphalt reinforcement mesh stabilizes the road, despite damaged base.
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HaTelit® Asphalt Reinforcement Geogrid

Flexible, high-strength, temperature-resistant grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers.

The asphalt reinforcement products of our HaTelit family allow a significant extension of renovation intervals. Thus the useful life of the traffic areas is extended. Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces.

Nothing sticks better to bitumen than bitumen! That is why all our products incorporate a coating with a bitumen content > 65%.


Resistant to installation damage

  • When driven over by asphalt trucks or tracked pavers

  • During compaction of asphalt

  • When laying on milled surfaces

  • In alkaline environments (when installed on concrete surfaces)

Straightforward, reliable installation

  • Bituminous coating ensures excellent adhesion to base layers

  • Nonwoven backing facilitates installation by saving time and protecting against displacement

  • High flexibility and adaptability simplify laying

  • Roll lengths up to 150 m and varying roll widths up to 5 m reduce the number of overlaps and
    allow higher installation rates

Strong bond

  • Bond between reinforcement and asphalt PLUS bond between asphalt layers

  • Excellent interlock between asphalt layers thanks to ultra-lightweight nonwoven backing (melting point > 150°C)
    and mesh size > 3 cm

Our HaTelit product family

HaTelit C reinforcement mesh made of high-modulus polyester yarns from HUESKER
Close-up of laid HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid on a streetClose-up of HaTelit C, HUESKER's flexible polyester yarn reinforcement mesh.Tar machine lays tar over an installed HaTelit layerLaying HaTelit by means of vehicle and laying traverseAircraft taxiing over a runway covered with HaTelit

HaTelit C

The reinforcement mesh made of high-modulus polyester yarns

The flexible mesh for effective and durable reinforcement of asphalt layers HaTelit C 40/17 is a reinforcement mesh made of high-modulus polyester yarns combined with an ultra-light non-woven fabric. More than 50 years of experience and further development prove that HaTelit C is a very durable and thus economical solution that resists permanent dynamic loads very well, which is due to the special properties of polyester.


  • Best delay of reflection cracking
  • Highest resistance to paving damage
  • Particularly resistant to permanent dynamic traffic loads
  • No loss of strength due to moisture
  • Due to the flexibility and mechanical properties of the polyester,
    it is suitable for use on milled surfaces

HaTelit C eco

The sustainable grid for durable asphalt reinforcement and greener asphalt construction

The HaTelit C 40/17 eco reinforcement grid consists of high modulus polyester yarns made from 100% recycled PET bottles in combination with an ultra-lightweight non-woven fabric. The sustainable ecoLine product variant has been proven to have the same properties as the classic HaTelit C 40/17 product made from original fibres. Thanks to the state-of-the-art production process, the PET recycled yarn also achieves original fibre quality. With this product variant, we offer you a "German-made" sustainable solution for the reinforcement of asphalt layers with the highest geotextile quality.


  • Sustainability and durability perfectly combined
  • Maximum delay of reflection cracking
  • Particularly resistant to permanent dynamic traffic loads
  • Highest resistance to paving damage
  • No loss of strength due to moisture
HaTelit C 40/17 eco Reinforcing mesh made from 100% recycled PET and ultra-lightweight non-woven fabric.
Fresh plants symbolize eco-friendliness of HaTelit C 40/17 ecoPeople collect plastic bottles for the production of HaTelit C ecoRoad with HaTelit C eco reinforcement and recycled plastic bottlesAircraft runway reinforced with sustainable HaTelit C ecoBottom view of plastic bottle focused on recycling logoPart of a highway reinforced with HaTelit geogridRoad reinforced with HaTelit asphalt reinforcement grid
Detailed view of the flexible HaTelit XP reinforcement grid
Truck transports raw asphalt over HaTelit XP gridHaTelit XP Reinforcing mesh reinforces asphalt surfaceTar machine lays asphalt on HaTelit XP reinforcement gridLaying HaTelit XP for robust road surfacesLaying HaTelit XP at night shows flexibility of installation times

HaTelit XP

The reinforcement mesh made from the raw material PVA, which offers you full flexibility

HaTelit XP is made from the raw material polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and thus offers you special properties. This reinforcement mesh can be installed on asphalt and concrete surfaces as it is alkali-resistant. Combined with the well-known advantages of all HaTelit products, this unique product offers you a great deal of flexibility in the face of various challenges.


  • Very good retardation of reflection cracking
  • Very high resistance to paving damage
  • Particularly resistant to permanent dynamic traffic loads
  • Durably resistant in alkaline environments (on concrete surfaces)
  • Due to the flexibility and the mechanical properties of the PVA,
    it is excellent on milled surfaces

HaTelit BL

The self-adhesive reinforcement grid for small area renovations

The flexible and at the same time highly tensile reinforcement grid made of high-modulus polyester yarns with laminated bitumen sheeting is especially suitable for small area rehabilitation of asphalt and concrete surfaces. The penetration of moisture and frost into the lower asphalt layers can also be prevented by using HaTelit BL. If individual local damaged areas or cracks become visible after milling, this material can be used like a sticking plaster.


  • Self-adhesive due to laminated bitumen membrane
  • Saves additional spraying with bitumen emulsion
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Reduced effort due to fewer work steps and use of equipment
HaTelit BL self-adhesive reinforcement grid for local asphalt repairs
Rehabilitation of small areas with HaTelit BL reinforcement meshComplete road rehabilitation using HaTelit BL reinforcement mesh.Renewal of a road section with HaTelit BL reinforcement gridHaTelit BL strips firmly bonded to substrate