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Animal friendly farming is a
challenge – Lubratec is the solution

With our Lubratec side ventilation systems, such as roll-up ventilation, stretching variants and lifting windows, cooling and ventilation tubes and large fans, you can noticeably improve the stable climate. A variety of textile doors and fronts open up generous supply routes and offer protection for your animals, your machines and your stored goods as weather and wind protection. Lubratec Lightridges and LED lights literally bring light into the dark.
Our experts will advise you on holistic concepts for an optimal barn climate. Lubratec helps you to harmonize animal welfare with efficient barn management.
With our solutions from the field of agricultural engineering we make load securing easier for you. Innovative transport systems with which empty runs are a thing of the past, strengthen your economic efficiency.
The products from the Biogas & Manure segment help you to store liquid manure correctly and operate your biogas plant efficiently. All products meet the requirements of the legal regulations on odour and emission pollution.
With the products from the Silo Protection segment, we offer efficient solutions for covering your silage. Labour-intensive processes when removing the forage are now a thing of the past.
In the Specials segment, you will find products that increase animal welfare outside of buildings while saving you time and effort.

Symbol for animal welfare promotionAnimated symbol for animal welfare promotion

Promotion of animal
friendly livestock farming

Diagram for animal healthRising diagram - improve animal health

of animal health

Thermometer for stable climateThermometer - Optimal stable climate

Creation of healthy
environmental conditions
in barns

Hand with heart - supporting species-specific behaviorHand with heart - promoting natural behavior

of natural behaviour

Tractor - support for farm managementTractors - Simplify farm management

of farm management

Various Lubratec ventilation systems - natural and active ventilation

Lubratec Ventilation

Windbreak nets, tube ventilation, stable air conditioning units and fans for every application

Our Lubratec ventilation systems not only offer ideal weather and wind protection, they can also be used specifically for the active supply of draught-free fresh air in your barn. With an optimal barn climate you make a significant contribution to the health of your animals. All systems are specially tailored to your requirements.


Natural Ventilation


Active Ventilation

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Light ridge and LED lights from Lubratec for better animal health

Lubratec Lighting

Light ridges and LED lights for healthier animals

Lubratec lighting systems ensure a constant and maximum light output. With our light ridges you make the best possible use of the naturally available daylight. Our LED lights are particularly efficient, with minimum energy consumption. Natural daylight and active lighting have a positive influence on your animals.


Natural Lighting

Active Lighting

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Textile doors and fronts from Lubratec for better barn management and wind protection

Lubratec Doors & Fronts

Textile protection and efficient barn management

Textile doors and fronts for the efficient management of your barn. They offer durable wind protection with simultaneous ventilation and are tailored to your individual requirements.





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Cogatec Biogas & Slurry: Double membrane gas storage, silo roof, single-shell gas bag and flexible storage tanks for slurry and biogas

Covertec Biogas & Manure

Professional storage of manure and liquids

Our Covertec products are used for covering and stationary or location-independent storage of liquid goods such as manure and biogas, but also digestate and leachate, sewage sludge, rain or service water.




Lubratec complete solutions: Products for calf rearing, including Concept for an intelligent barn climate

Lubratec all-round solution

Ventilation and exposure intelligently combined

In this segment you will find complete solutions for calf rearing. From mobile solutions which combine natural light and ventilation sources to the concept of intelligently coordinated control of all Lubratec products for a continuously healthy barn climate.


Lubratec Specials: Products for outdoor use, including separating layer, pasture shelter, awning and feed rack


Animal-friendly solutions for outdoor areas

Here you will find our Lubratec products for outdoor use, from field shelters, awnings, separation layers to automatic feeding racks.


Livestock environments for
greater animal welfare

Lubratec - Complete solutions

With Lubratec you improve ventilation, lighting and simplify the management of your farm.
By using our ventilation products you actively contribute to animal health by removing harmful gases and dust and avoiding heat stress. With our doors and fronts you can make your farm management more efficient and make it easier to manage the buildings and reduce energy consumption. Products from the lighting range increase the vitality, activity and feed intake of your animals.


The “know how” behind the Lubratec systems

Building on its 150 year plus corporate history, HUESKER  boasts a long and successful track record of innovation in the agricultural sector. We offer wide-ranging solutions in the fields of animal welfare, agricultural technology, biogas, liquid manure and silage protection. Described below are our key service offerings that are designed to simplify your work. Please feel free to talk to us about your needs and let our experts assist you with your requirements.

We will assist you in developing a
feel-good package for your
animals and yourself.