Steep slopes, slope stabilization or embankment stabilization



With systems made of Fortrac Reinforced Soil,
you can build steep slopes, slope protection or
slope stabilisation such as retaining wall or
bridge abutments quickly, economically and
with long term stability


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Efficient Solutions for
Steep Slopes and Retaining Structures

Why opt for conventional construction methods when much easier ways are available?
Fortrac Systems are modular and economical solutions for engineering structures with geogrid-reinforced-soil such as retaining structures and abutments. They are used to construct structures that are insensitive to settlement, such as slope and embankment stabilisation and steep slopes, even with overhanging embankments, simply, efficiently and at the same time ecologically sustainable. Thanks to the wide range of design options in terms of terrain shape, slope and front design, our solutions can be integrated into almost any landscape and architectural environment. Fortrac Systems offer many advantages over conventional construction methods (e.g. gravity walls), especially when the time factor and high stability play an important role.

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Demonstrably faster to the goal through standardised system designs, individual solutions, years
of experience and services.
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Cost effective
Cut costs and time by using locally sourced soil, reduce transportation, faster and easier installation, reliable long-term performance or less maintenance and fewer repairs.
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Together from the beginning, we support you from your initial enquiry through to project completion and solve engineering, system and product problems in a simple and
uncomplicated way.
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Geogrid-reinforced supporting structures have less impact on the environment than concrete structures: 80-85 % less CO2
emissions and 70-75 % less energy
consumption (see IVG life cycle analysis 2015).
Icon reliable
Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in the planning and realisation of structures with geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS). There are thousands of successful and
challenging projects worldwide.
Icon controlled
In more demanding situations, we can deploy measurement instrumentationas an additional
safeguard. Even structural monitoring over the entire service
life of a facility is possible.
Fortrac Nature steep slopes
Slope stabilization with Fortrac Nature along a roadSteep slopesIntegration of retaining structures into the landscapeEnvironmentally friendly retaining structures: Fortrac Nature SystemNatural landscape with Fortrac NatureSustainable construction with Fortrac Nature: Green slope solutionEnvironmentally friendly stabilization: Fortrac Nature steep slope protectionNatural habitat: Fortrac Nature embankment solution in harmony with nature

Fortrac Nature

Natural looking and in harmony with the landscape

Fortrac Nature system models are used wherever supporting structures, such as steep slopes, slope and embankment protection, are to be built in a short time and integrated into the landscape by natural planting. In comparison to conventional construction methods, green slopes have a particularly positive effect on the urban climate and, if appropriately planted, provide protection for various insects and birds. The system is suitable for slope inclinations from 30° as well as steep slopes and overhanging embankments up to 110°.


  • Harmonious integration in a natural landscape setting
  • High flexibility in terms of inclination, contouring and vegetation
  • Long-term stability and durability coupled with ductile behaviour
  • Natural looking solution, providing habitat for birds and insects
  • Positive impact on mirco-climate
  • Easy dismantling allows use as a temporary structure
  • Lateral earth pressure containments 110° feasible

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Fortrac Gabion

Wide variety of stone basket facing solutions

The Fortrac Gabion system consists of two components: a soil body reinforced with Fortrac geogrids and a facing of corrosion-protected steel grid elements with individual natural stone infill. The gabions either make an active contribution to the statics or are passively suspended from the reinforced soil body with an optical and protective function, e.g. as a noise barrier. With our gabion system solutions you can realise inclinations of up to 90° and very high structures.


  • Wide range of design options
  • Rapid installation and easy repair
  • Fire, vandal and UV-resistant
  • Insensitive to differential settlement
  • Low maintenance, with minimum costs for care and upkeep
  • Can be designed to meet German noise control category A 3

Product detail page

Natural design: Fortrac Gabion System in natural stone look
Stability and aesthetics: Fortrac gabion with individual natural stone fillingStable road design: Fortrac gabion solutions along the roadRobust and versatile: Fortrac Gabion System for different applicationsFortrac Gabion for individual bulk basket solutionsRobust bulk bag solutions in bridge constructionStability and aesthetics: Fortrac gabion system solutions for different structuresQuick installation of gabions: Discover diverse pouring basket solutionsStrong and durable: Fortrac Gabion for different construction requirements
Fortrac block drawing
Flexible use along the highway: Fortrac Block with concrete blocksStable quay walls with Fortrac Block: Safe separation of water and landSafety and flexibility: Fortrac Block System under bridgesFlexible protection along quay walls: Fortrac Block in focusVersatile design: Fortrac Block System with concrete blocksSafe retaining walls with Fortrac Block: Wall construction with high stabilityCreative design with Fortrac Block: Versatile design elementsFortrac Block as a reliable solution for various projects

Fortrac Block

Multi-faceted concrete block facings

With Fortrac Block, we offer you the possibility of fitting your Fortrac-Reinforced-Soil structure with various concrete block designs and optics. The Fortrac geogrid, the filling soil and the block stones usually form the load-bearing element of the supporting structure when combined. Besides this active design, passive solutions are also possible. The mortarless system can be used for almost any slope height and inclination up to 90°.


  • Formwork-free, mortarless system
  • Wide selection of stones for individual design
  • Straight, curved and tiered walls possible
  • Structural or purely cosmetic/protective facings

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Fortrac Panel

Wall construction made simple with precast concrete

Compared to conventional construction methods, Fortrac Panel system solutions cut construction time by eliminating the need for costly foundations, the rapid construction of the geogrid-reinforced soil body and the simple installation of prefabricated concrete elements. Depending on the requirements, the precast concrete elements can actively contribute to the overall statics or can be attached to the reinforced soil body at a later date.


  • Rapid and easy erection with slender precast concrete panels
  • Cost-effective alternative to concrete only solutions
  • Less labour and plant requirement
  • Statically effective or purely cosmetic/protective panels
  • Tied back sheet piling as a further option

Product detail page

Fortrac Panel System for quick assembly
Stability and esthetics: Fortrac Panel system solutions for bridgesCreative wall design: Fortrac panel with impressive paintingStable road walls: discover Fortrac Panel for road constructionDiverse stone look: Fortrac panel for varied designModern highway infrastructure: Fortrac Panel system solutions for highwaysFlexible protection along quay walls: Fortrac BlockInnovative bridge solutions: Fortrac panel in bridge construction for fast erectionPractical precast concrete elements: Fortrac Panel in use in bridge construction

Here you can experience animated selected system models!


System with integrated formwork

  • Fortrac geogrid
  • Preformed steel-mesh wall with tensioning hooks
  • Vegetation and/or erosion control mats
  • Planting by specialist contractor

Hollow block system

  • Fortrac geogrid
  • Hollow blocks
  • Separating nonwoven
  • Crushed stone drainage layer

Tie rod systems

  • Fortrac geogrid
  • Geotextile as wash-out protection
  • Steel front grill
  • Steel anchor with anchor plate
  • Mounting bracket for coupling
  • Compression and frost resistant stone filling

Aktive system model

  • Fortrac geogrid
  • Nonwoven for erosion/wash-out protection
  • Precast-concrete panel with coupling
  • Connectors, e.g. connecting rod, pipe

New: The Fortrac Systems Calculator

Try our new Fortrac Systems Calculator for free now! In just a few clicks, you can calculate your geogrid-reinforced retaining wall quickly and easily. You can use the calculator on almost all devices without downloading anything. Have fun calculating your individual retaining wall:


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Fortrac geogrid

Flexible interaction and robust

In geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) construction, the geogrid absorbs tensile forces and improves the mechanical properties of the composite material. Fortrac geogrids are characterised by good elongation stiffness and tensile strength. In addition, they provide very high interaction flexibility, which only flexible geosynthetics can.Good interaction flexibility is characterised by the perfect interplay of macro, meso and micro interlocking and a high degree of adaptability to the soil. Due to the increased contact area, the composite behaviour or the interaction between soil and reinforcement is significantly improved.

General benefits
  • Faster and easier installation than for rigid grids

  • Already activation of tensile forces during installation

  • High adaptability of geogrid, with dense bedding of soil as a result

  • Formation of a flexible integral system with soil

  • Also suitable for use in alkaline soils

  • Evening out of settlement


Fortrac geogrid Micro- InterlockMicro- Interlock
Fortrac geogrid Meso- InterlockMeso- Interlock
Fortrac geogrid Macro- InterlockMacro- Interlock
Fortrac geogrid Adaptability to all uneven groundAdaptability to all uneven ground

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