Designed to
save resources.

Geotextiles from recycled raw material

The resources of our earth are not endless. With the ecoLine, we are the first geosynthetic manufacturer, worldwide, that offers you high-quality geogrid solutions made of PET recycling material. With these products we are making our contribution for even more sustainable building with geotextiles, along with a better recycling economy. We look forward to working with you to make your future projects even more resource-saving and environmentally friendly.

A world first for more
sustainable construction
with geotextiles

HUESKER product
classics made from
recycled materials

Less CO2 emissions
thanks to the reduction
of primary raw materials

Saving resources thanks
to production with
recycled PET bottles

PET recycled yarns with
proven original fibre

Highest geotextile quality
"Made in Germany”

100% original fibre quality from 100% recycled PET

From old to new

The yarn of our ecoLine geotextiles consists of 100% old PET bottles. By not using brand-new PET, we reduce the impact on the environment.


A state-of-the-art bottle reprocessing process enables the production of a PET granulate that is equivalent to virgin granulate.

Virgin fibre quality

The recycled yarn from PET bottle granulate is proven to have virgin fibre quality. This allows us to ideally combine excellent product quality with sustainable production.

Sustainable and durable asphalt reinforcement with HaTelit C 40/17 eco

The flexible grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers for even more ecological construction

The sustainable version of our product classic HaTelit C40/17
Produced with PET recycling yarn and can be reused in the milled mix during dismantling
Same performance values and features as the original
Extends the service life of traffic areas
High resistance to long-term dynamic traffic loads
Maximum retardation of reflective cracking

More ecoLine product solutions 
will follow soon