Illustration of sand column process with geosynthetic coated tubular fabric for soil improvement.
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Road and Rail Construction on Soft Soil


Transportation is a key infrastructural requirement for every mine. All kinds of operational materials and minerals have to be transported back and forth, very often passing challenging terrains including swamps. In many cases, the feasibility of projects can be negatively affected by the high construction cost of required infrastructure leading to and from mines over areas of problematic soils.


The Geotextile Encased Column (GEC) system Ringtrac® was developed, with the assistance of HUESKER, as a foundation solution for earthwork structures built on very weak/weakground conditions. The key component in the innovative foundation system is the Ringtrac geotextile reinforcement sleeve. The Ringtrac sleeve is used to enclose non-cohesive material placed in a uniform arrangement of columns, which transmit the structural loads to the bearing stratum. The pile-like load-carrying system is a quick, cost-effective and very secure method of providing a foundation for embankments on very soft/soft soils. Fortrac® geogrids or Stabilenka® geotextiles are typically placed over the tops of the columns to assist with stability.


  • Fully loadable immediately after completion

  • Short implementation time with very high base stability

  • Highly adaptable to local conditions and loads

  • No need to dispose waste or contaminated spoil (where displacement method is used)

  • Economical use of site space and lower excavation, disposal and imported material costs