Anchorage protection: Incomat® mats for safe protection against scouring at seaport anchorages
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HUESKER Australia Pty Ltd
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Berth Protection and Scour Prevention


Ports are typically used as the point of loading and export of a mine’s mineral. A common challenge at the quayside is the wave and/or propeller scour of the sea bed adjacent to the quay wall and/or sloping jetty.


Incomat® mattresses were developed by HUESKER engineers to provide a safe and cost-effective solution for berth and scour protection at ports. Incomat mats are deployed underwater and pump filled with highly fluid concrete to provide a scour protection apron


  • Creates robust interlocking concrete slabs underwater

  • No rolling or sliding displacement

  • Resists jet flows up to 12.5m/s

  • Reduced dredging and wall span height due to low mattress thickness (compared to traditional rock solutions)