Road construction using Huesker Chipseal Grid geogrid
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HUESKER Chipseal Grid

Extends the service life of spray seal pavements

The HUESKER chipseal grid consists of a highly resistant composite engineered for spray seal applications. The combination of a paving geotextile with an added reinforcing grid provides both a waterproofing and reinforcement function, resulting in a more durable and cost-effective rehabilitation than conventional methods.

The geotextile component comprises a nonwoven with optimum bitumen retention capacity. When impregnated with bitumen it acts as a barrier to the ingress of water, protecting the pavement structure. The integrated biaxial reinforcing grid made of high tenacity polyester yarns strengthens and supports the sealed surface by improving the rupture behaviour of the geotextile. Additionally, it contributes to a significant delay in crack propagation. The optimised design also assists with reduction of bitumen migration (bleeding) while enhancing aggregate retention on the surface.

HUESKER chipseal grid‘s flexibility and strength permits its installation on existing as well as milled surfaces and provides a strong bond to the underlying surface.

Why choose HUESKER chipseal grid
The integrated reinforcing grid provides superior performance and keeps the surface free from cracks/defects for longer.
The nonwoven with optimum bitumen retention capacity keeps the pavement structure watertight.
The service life of the spray seal pavement is extended as the chipseal grid effectively delays reflective cracking.
Surface stability
The optimised design in conjunction with the bitumen bond coat provides a consistent and uniform layer. This helps to reduce “bitumen migration” in comparison to conventional solutions while increasing aggregate retention.
Due to the much higher “in-service” tensile strength of the reinforcing grid the chipseal grid is more resistant to rupture under loading compared to a conventional paving geotextile.
The combination of a paving geotextile and a reinforcing grid protects the underlying pavement asset. This makes it an even more sustainable solution environmentally, commercially as well as operationally.
Product Features
  • Paving geotextile with specialised spray seal reinforcing grid

  • Made of PET or recycled PET

  • Tensile strength of minimum 30 kN/m biaxial

  • Standard roll widths up to 5 m, and customised production capability

  • Waterproofing and reinforcement function

Proven Performance in Spray Seal Pavements

Controlling Cracking in a double/double seal with chipseal grid

Gore Highway, QLD, Australia - The pavement of the Gore Highway, in the Darling Downs Region was presenting severe cracks and surface defects as shown below. A reseal with a double/double sprayed seal was planned. To mitigate propagation of the existing cracks and failures into the new double/double surface, HUESKER chipseal grid was installed in March 2020 in a section of the highway and the seal performance has been monitored since in direct comparison to an adjacent control section.

In March 2021, after one year in service, it was verified that the control section with double/double seal only (without reinforcement) was already presenting reflective cracks, and major surface defects particularly in the wheel path. The reinforced double/double seal section with HUESKER chipseal grid, on the other hand, was found to be free from cracks and defects despite the severity of the underlying conditions in this case.

In addition, the unreinforced control section was showing notable signs of bitumen migration/bleeding from the underlying sealed cracks accelerating the failure process in the new double/double surface. In contrast, the reinforced section with the HUESKER chipseal grid was found to be significantly more uniform and intact.

HUESKER chipseal grid effectively delays pavement deterioration and extends the service life of spray seal pavements. For further information about the HUESKER product solutions – chipseal grid – please visit our website or contact us directly.

Condition prior to double/double seal
Prior to the reseal the road surface was in a poor condition showing severe cracks and surface defects. Large cracks were enabling water intrusion into the pavement structure and causing its deterioration, and requiring frequent crack sealing.

Installation on the existing surface
Unrolling and installation were simply carried out by using an installation frame followed by the bitumen seal application.

Spray seal construction
Constructed double/double sprayed seal above chipseal grid.

Installed chipseal grid
Chipseal grid placed onto a bitumen Bond Coat, prior to the application of the Seal Coat

Performance after one year

Control section (without reinforcement)
One year after the reseal, the control section is showing reflective cracks and surface defects, in addition to signs of bitumen migration. This section had to be repaired since.

HUESKER chipseal grid section
The section of the highway reinforced with chipseal grid is showing no reflective cracks and no surface defects. The seal is performing significantly better in this section and the pavement remains in good condition, as verified by the Road Authority.

HUESKER chipseal grid for spray seal applications

HUESKER Services

HUESKER services begin with providing initial advice and end with supporting the realisation of the project on site. What we provide are safe, customised, economically viable and ecologically sound project solutions.

Engineering Services

Technical consulting
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Our products have been issued numerous certifications,for example, by BAM, BAW, BBA, EBA, IVG and SVG, depending on the product type.

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