Productshot of a Fortrac 3D 150 Geogrid
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Fortrac® 3D

A unique reinforcement solution to prevent slope veneer soil slippages and protect against soil erosion.

Fortrac 3D, a refinement of the familiar Fortrac geogrid, is used to stabilise soil on slopes. It is a flexible, three-dimensional reinforcement mat made from high-tensile, low-creep polyester with integral soil erosion prevention. By virtue of its spatial structure, Fortrac 3D exhibits outstanding interaction properties with soils (bond coefficient 1.0) as well as excellent soil retention when exposed to rainwater.

The geogrid's special polymer coating protects against UV radiation and mechanical damage. Given the in-depth understanding of its long-term behaviour, Fortrac 3D can be designed to meet any project-specific service life requirements.

Available in a range of strength to allow efficient selection for the particular application.
The product features are validated by compliance with the official, certified benchmarks specified in CE and/or ISO standards. Like all HUESKER products, Fortrac 3D can be tailored to specific project requirements. Please contact us for further details.


  • Certified bond coefficients

  • Excellent interaction with soil

  • Prevention of potential veneer soil slippages

  • Low-creep behaviour

  • High robustness and straightforward installation

  • High UV resistance due to polymer coating

Why choose Fortrac 3D?

The use of a Fortrac 3D erosion mat ensures safe and economical construction. The product offers an effective means of reinstating surface soils after slippage.

Various geometrical arrangements of Fortrac 3D, in conjunction with different soils and sealing systems, have already been designed and constructed. Key success factors include the product's flexibility, robustness and straightforward installation.

Fortrac 3D is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.


Fortrac 3D

Type of MaterialRaw MaterialUltimate Tensile Strength kN/mStrain at Nominal Tensile Strength (%)Standard Roll Dimensions (m/m)
Fortrac 3D-20PET≥ 20/≤ 12,5/4,50100
Fortrac 3D-30PET≥ 30/≤ 12,5/4,50100
Fortrac 3D-60PET≥ 60/≤ 12,5/4,50100