Close-up view of the material - Basetrac® Duo-C geocomposite
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Basetrac® Duo-C

Geocomposite fulfilling reinforcement, separation and filtration functions

Basetrac Duo-C is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is being manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol coated with a polymer. Basetrac Duo-C offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 65 kN/m. Higher tensile strength can be produced on request. The composite combines the functions of reinforcement, separation and filteration.

Ideal for very soft soils

Basetrac Duo-C is the product of choice for base reinforcement on soils with low bearing capacity. The integral nonwoven separates the high-grade base material from the soft subgrade. Moreover, the large range of product types and the flexible material, which is HUESKER‘s hallmark, allow straightforward, cost-effective installation with no ”memory effect“. Basetrac Duo-C is a composite material – geogrid plus nonwoven – that combines reinforcing and separating functions. This reduces the base material depth requirement while offering reinforcing. The product offers performance quality and reliability in very soft soil conditions.


  • Flexible and dimensionally stable geogrid

  • No "memory effect"

  • High tensile strength in conjunction with low strain

  • Suitable for alkaline environments, e.g. in conjunction with cement stabilization or recycled rubble

  • High resistance to chemicals and microorganisms in soil, UV radiation and mechanical damage

  • High interaction flexibility

  • Good interlock due to optimum sizing of geogrid mesh to suit maximum soil particle size

Basetrac is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.

Up until February 2017, Basetrac Duo-C products were known as DuoGrid.