Tektoseal® Clay

High-performance sealing for groundwater protection, contaminated site remediation and hydraulic engineering

Tektoseal Clay is the result of continuing development of industrially manufactured sealing systems, which has taken into account the latest findings in research and development. As a result of many years of experience in manufacturing bentonite composites, with Tektoseal Clay HUESKER has succeeded in developing a high-performance product with the best possible sealing and installation features which meet current recommendations and guidelines.

Tektoseal Clay is a highly developed, perfectly matched multi-component system consisting of extremely robust geosynthetics containing sodium bentonite granulated material. Using the latest production equipment these components are processed with a special precision needling technique to produce a homogeneous sealing layer across the entire surface area of the liner.

Tektoseal Clay may be used as fluid barriers in the construction of tunnels and deep founded underground structures and the intended use of these products is to control the leakage of water through the construction wall. Tektoseal Clay is preferred in use in pressurized increased water levels and all earth connected concrete walls in the modern building and civil engineering structures.

Tektoseal Clay consists
of three components:

  1. non-woven fabric as top layer
  2. sodium bentonite granules as a gasket
  3. high tensile fabric as carrier material


  • Higher inner friction angle and increased shear strength as a result of precision needling

  • Optimised outer friction characteristics making it suitable for use on steeper slopes

  • Very good sealing effect resulting from the ability of sodium bentonite to swell

  • Low formation of dust owing to the use of granulated material

  • Low sensitivity to subsidence

  • Self-healing effect as protection against mechanical damage

  • Less sealing material = less excavated soil = more effective volume

  • Improved life cycle assessment as a result of conserving resources

  • Cost-efficient when compared to mineral seals

  • Durable due to the high chemical resistance

  • Quick and easy to install because of optimised roll widths and lengths

Why Tektoseal Clay?

As a result of the special manufacturing techniques used to produce Tektoseal Clay it is not only particularly economical, it is also environmentally friendly. Its extremely thin construction (<10 mm) achieves at least the same sealing effect as a conventional clay liner. In addition, continual monitoring during the production process ensures a consistently high level of quality in the structure.

Tektoseal is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH