Basetrac® Duo geocomposite in detail
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Basetrac® Duo

Geocomposite fulfilling reinforcement, separation and filtration functions through combination of a high-modulus polyester reinforcement with an integrated nonwoven.

Basetrac Duo is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is being manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol. The nonwoven is made of polypropylen. Basetrac Duo offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 75 kN/m. Higher tensile strength can be produced on request. The composite combines the functions of reinforcement, separation and filteration.

A special class of reinforcement

Basetrac Duo offers excellent reinforcing performance, especially for special applications. Apart from its use in road and highway construction, Comtrac is a proven base reinforcement for railway lines. Basetrac Duo comprises a combination of a nonwoven geotextile and a reinforcement grid that ensures an excellent interlock with the granular
layers and prevents the migration of fine soil particles from the underlying soils. The fact that Basetrac Duo can be readily stitched together into
large panels also makes it ideal for sludge lagoon remediation – where the use of large panels simplifies and speeds up the capping process.
The separation and filtration properties of the integral nonwoven also considerably increase stability, thereby eliminating the need for soil
replacement. Basetrac Duo truly is a reinforcement product in a class of its own.


  • Immediate tensile load take-up with associated low strain

  • Low creep tendency

  • High tensile strength

  • Excellent separation and filtration properties

  • High resistance to mechanical damage during installation

  • Underwater installation possible

Basetrac is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.

Up until February 2017, Basetrac Duo products were known as Comtrac.