Close-up of the NaBento clay liner
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NaBento® Clay Liner

The unique seal for maximum safety

NaBento offers a reliable and economical alternative to conventional mineral liners. The approx. 1 cm thick composite product comprises a securely encapsulated, highly swellable clay - either sodium or calcium bentonite - sandwiched between textile cover and supporting layers so as to prevent displacement and erosion. The components are sewn together in such a way as to achieve composite action and high internal shear strength. Once the liner is sewn together, the joint action of the geotextiles and high-grade bentonite - consisting mainly of the clay mineral montmorrillonite - guarantees outstanding long-term impermeable performance.

NaBento is custom-manufactured for this particular application. Specifiable parameters include the type of bentonite, synthetic raw materials, weight per unit area and fabrication details. Through optional application of a special surface coating, enhanced protection is provided against drying-out and the shear strength at junctions with adjacent materials is increased. It is also possible to fit NaBento with a special root barrier.

Why choose NaBento Clay Liner?

Suitability assessments of NaBento RL-C (calcium bentonite) and RL-N (sodium bentonite) conducted by LAGA (Waste Working Group of German Federal and State Governments) for use as a mineral liner in Class I and II landfill cover lining systems showed the products to offer a guaranteed service life, in terms of mechanical resistance and sealing performance, of over 100 years.
Thanks to its ease of use, NaBento allows for quick installation. Bentonite powder/paste is normally used to seal the joints between adjacent sheets. A special adhesive can also be supplied if required. NaBento is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.


  • Flexible, large-area impermeable barrier
  • Low susceptibility to settlement and high erosion resistance
  • High internal shear strength
  • Straightforward and largely weather-independent installation
  • Factory-made, quality-controlled clay liner
  • Suitable for LAGA and RiStWag


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