Huesker Ultimat geotextile nonwoven for the protection of reservoirs and landfills
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HUESKER Australia Pty Ltd
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Ultimat is a needle punched nonwoven geotextile produced using either polypropylene or polyester fibres.

Ultimat nonwovens provide excellent puncture protection when placed above and below membrane liners used in reservoirs and in landfill applications. The wide width of up to 17 feet greatly reduces the installation costs when compared with typical nonwoven widths. Ultimat also provides superior separation between finer subgrade soils and typical base course extending the life of roadways. Using various denier staple fibres, Ultimat can be custom designed for capping applications where filtration of specific particle sizes is required.


  • High flexibility

  • Good filtration stability under dynamic conditions

  • Robust

  • Offers reliable protection

  • Low transverse contraction

  • Wide-ranging configurations to suit requirements

Why choose Ultimat nonwovens?

Depending on the application, Ultimat can be produced using polypropylene or polyester staple fibers in weights ranging from 4 - 100 oz/yd2 (136 - 3,391 g/m2). Various applications include: puncture protection for membrane liners used in landfills and reservoirs, protective wrapping around buried pipes for puncture protection, soil/gravel separation layer, ballast/subgrade separation beneath railroad tracks, cushion support beneath glass lined tanks, and roadway concrete bond breakers and other applications.

Ultimat is a registered trademark of HUESKER Inc.