Filter fabric in the SoilTain drainage hose
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SoilTain® Dewatering

Dewatering tubes for fast and efficient sludge dewatering

The SoilTain dewatering tube is a geotextile container made of a filter fabric that can be used to dewater a wide variety of sludge types. The solids in the sludge are retained by the specially developed high-performance filter fabric, allowing the water to drain away.During the dewatering process, the tubes, which can measure up to 65 metres long, can be stacked to increase storage capacity. The dewatered sludge can then be landfilled, incinerated or recycled. Permanent storage is also possible in the dewatering tubes, which offer a storage volume of up to 1,650 m³. In addition, individual dimensions of the tubes can be manufactured as per customers requirements.

For our dewatering tubes, you can choose between the SoilTain DW and HDW options, depending on the project. The HDW fabric has twice the opening width, so that the tube can be filled up to 50 % longer than the DW fabric.

The power of SoilTain

The comparison refers to project volume sizes of 100,000 m³ in situ sludge or 345,000 m³ wet dredged material.

Filling capacity

  By this term we mean the volume of sludge that can be added to the dewatering medium in a defined time.

Process time

In addition to filling, the subsequent volume reduction phase carries on during the entire duration of the dewatering process. To achieve the same short process duration by machine as with SoilTain, approx. 12 centrifuges, 22 chamber filter presses or 30 belt filter presses would be required.

Project costs

The required personnel and machine costs as well as ancillary materials and consumables differ significantly between the systems. If you are interested, HUESKER offers cost comparison calculations so project costs can be easily estimated.

Flexible filling quantity with SoilTain drainage hoses
Efficient volume absorption with SoilTain drainage systemEffective drying and high residue with SoilTainLow resource use with SoilTain drainage hosesEfficient processing without intermediate storage thanks to SoilTain

Why SoilTain dewatering tubes?

The economical dewatering system with SoilTain dewatering tubes encompasses low maintenance costs and easy installation. It can be installed as a temporary structure as well as a permanent system. By adding more tubes, the process capacity can easily be increased. Thanks to further development of the SoilTain HDW fabric, the tubes can be filled up 50 % longer to achieve an even faster dewatering result. SoilTain dewatering systems are an environmentally friendly and fast alternative compared to classic dewatering methods.


  • Flexible filling quantity due to different tube sizes
  • Absorption of very large volumes per hour
  • High dry residue
  • Processing without intermediate storage
  • Low use of resources

Drainage with SoilTain - Easy installation

The benefits of SoilTain
Step 1


  • Filling by suction dredger
  • Direct integration into the industrial process possible
Step 2


  • Low mechanical loads acting on flocs
  • Low plant requirement (only one machine needed)
Step 3


  • Recirculation of the water
  • Very high filling capacity
Step 4

Disposal / Storage

  • Encapsulation prevents rewetting
  • Permanent storage in the tubes possible