Cross-sectional drawing of a dam or dike reinforced with geotextiles for flood control and damming purposes
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Dams and Dikes

Reliable Flood Control and Water Containment

Tested and certified geosynthetic products can be used to extend the service life of structures or substantially reduce the risk of failure. The filtrationstable containment of dike cores with geosynthetic products, among other things, almost completely rules out any risk of dike failure due to internal erosion processes. Provision for a suitable geotextile filter eliminates the need for any elaborate and error-prone installation of mineral filter layers, especially under water.

Unlike natural lining materials, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) – by virtue of their industrial fabrication – allow the rapid installation of a durable waterproof barrier. It is also possible to retrofit these linings to dams and dikes with minimum intervention in the existing structure. Moreover, given the smaller construction height of GCLs (approx. 1 cm in unswollen condition), transportation is less expensive than for the usual 50 cm thick conventional clay liners.

Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Base reinforcement
  • Structural stability on soft soils

  • Evening out of settlement

  • Simultaneous filtration and separation function

  • Products: Stabilenka, Fortrac, Stabilenka Xtreme

Structural core
  • Protection against erosion through use of geotextile containment systems

  • Elimination of potential failure mechanisms in structure

  • Economical use of locally sourced materials

  • Products: SoilTain Sandbags, SoilTain Coastal Protection Tubes, SoilTain Dewatering Tubes

  • Fast, efficient installation of clay liners

  • Thinner layers than for equivalent mineral liners

  • Retrofitting feasible without any significant intervention in existing structure

  • Products: Tektoseal Clay, NaBento

Filter and separation layer
  • Straightforward installation of filter

  • Constant filter layer thickness

  • Thinner revetment construction

  • Products: Tektoseal Sand, Basetrac Woven

Top layer
  • Concrete mattresses and reinforcement grids with erosion control function

  • Also suitable for overflow sections

  • Erosion control for turf

  • Construction of coherent, heavy-duty revetments

  • Retrofitting feasible without any significant intervention in existing structure

  • Products: Incomat, Fortrac 3D


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