Asphalt Reinforcement

Society's growing mobility and rapidly ageing road networks are currently confronting the road construction sector with an ever greater and, above all, cost-intensive challenges. Getting more done with fewer available pounds.

The constantly increasing vehicular dynamic loads on pavements, coupled with daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations and the way in which asphalt and concrete pavements react to the varying temperature fluctuations form the basis of reflective cracking in pavements. High stress and strain concentrations at the crack tip cause the pavement to further deteriorate by propagating into the new asphalt surface.

Using our high-strength engineered asphalt reinforcement interlayers, pavement service life can be extended and a value added economic benefit realised many times over. HUESKER's reinforcement solutions are based on superior raw materials, quality manufacturing processes and a unique patented bitumen-based pre-impregnation of the finished material.

This perfect combination of high quality raw material and coating leads to:

  • Straightforward and reliable installation
  • High resistance to installation damage
  • Superior bond strength forming a new composite pavement structure

Pavement restoration and rehabilitation conditions require the right materials for the observed pavement distresses, and HUESKER offers a full line of pavement interlayer products to optimise performance. Our complete family of products consists of HaTelit® C, G50 and G100, XP, BL as well as SamiGrid®, meeting the needs for long-term performance