Possible applications SoilTain Tubes for land reclamation, bank protection, breakwaters, groynes, dams, dikes in hydraulic engineering.
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SoilTain® Tubes

Large-format coastal protection tubes for coastal and shore protection

SoilTain Tubes are large-format geosynthetic containers with which you can erect continuous barriers with high positional stability on coastal and shore sections. A configuration, as a system, ensures a positionally stable and scour-free protection underneath the tube, even on very soft subsoils and in erosion-prone areas.

The scour protection mat consisting of a ribbon fabric with anchor tubes prevents erosion phenomena and scour below the SoilTain Tubes.  The scour protection mat is optimally protected from possible undercutting by integrated anchor hoses and guarantees its positional stability.

The geosynthetic fabric of the SoilTain Tubes, which was specially developed for sustainable coastal protection solutions, is characterised by its high robustness during installation as well as its long-term abrasion resistance. The sand-coloured cover of the tubes can be integrated visually into the landscape and is also quickly colonised underwater by maritime flora and fauna. The use of geotextile coastal protection tubes is completely harmless. This is demonstrated both in practice and by scientific evidence.

Benefits SoilTain Tubes

  • Sustainable coastal protection thanks to economic and ecological advantages

  • High positional stability

  • Rapid colonisation by maritime flora and fauna

  • Flexible system configuration enables versatile application possibilities

  • Saving of cost-intensive material transports by using local use of local materials as fillers

  • High UV resistance and abrasion resistance

SoilTain Tube

  • Fabric or composite geotextile hose cover specially developed and tested for use in modern hydraulic engineering
  • Factory-fitted rigid or flexible filler pipe
  • Locally available materials can easily be used as fill material


To the SoilTain coastal protection applications

SoilTain Tube System

  • The tubes can additionally be combined with a scour protection mat as a coastal protection system
  • The scour protection mat prevents scouring and undermining of the hose


To the SoilTain coastal protection applications

System component kit
Everything for your SoilTain Tube System
  • SoilTain Tubes
  • Protective nonwoven
  • Scour protection mat
  • Covering
SoilTain Tubes as breakwaters and well integrated into the landscape
White protective nonwoven fabric
Scour protection mat System component kit
Covering of installed tubes with armourstones

Easy installation on land and in water

Step 1

Laying out

The pre-assembled tubes can be easily laid out on a surface

Step 2


By means of a suction dredger or a mud dredger, the tubes can be easily filled with locally available sand

Step 3


The filling supports are attached at the factory and secured with a closure

SoilTain Tubes application examples

Versatile application possibilities