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Get Back on Coal Faster with our Unique Geosynthetic Systems and Services

HUESKER Australia provides a wide variety of customised solutions and services to the Australian Mining Industry. Dedicated mining business managers with decades of underground experience allows HUESKER Australia to offer our customers site specific, fit for purpose solutions which are developed to provide the technical and commercial outcomes each of our clients require.

Minegrid® Longwall Recovery Systems

  • HUESKER Pioneered Geosynthetic Longwall Recovery Systems in 1993
  • Increase Earnings by reducing recovery time
  • To date, in excess of 1200 system installations successfully executed globally
  • Mine Specific Customisation
  • Risk Assessment Assistance
  • Holistic Design Approach
  • Reliability and Consistency

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Minegrid® Rib Mesh

  • Various Material grades and raw materials
  • Site Specific Customisation
  • No "memory" effect and light weight - safe and easy to handle and manoueuvre
  • Bright Yellow Coating
  • Corrosion Free

Minegrid® Safety Products

  • Safety Products for multiple applications within the Mining Industry
  • Multiple grades of strength available
  • Solution driven design, solving site specific challenges.

Innovation in the Mining Sector

  • Striving for Innovation and improvements
  • Residual Management
  • Roadway design, optimisation and reinforcement
  • Water Management
  • Customer Driven Investigation
  • Solution Driven Designs

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Further Information and Assistance

Please feel free to contact your local representative

NSW Business Manager, Mining - Scott Ashbourne - scott(at)

QLD Business Manager, Mining - Reggie Emery - reggie(at)