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Tektoseal® Active

Environmental protection with Active Geo-Composites

HUESKER‘s Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation. The active geocomposite products are available in a variety of forms. Specifically for groundwater protection, we offer numerous barrier and filter products for applications involving contaminated surface water and leachate. Tektoseal Active delivers a reliable geosynthetic decontamination solution in cases where it is not feasible to relocate the polluted material.


  • Efficient contaminant absorption at point of infiltration

  • Straightforward installation and removal on land and in water

  • Bond with geotextiles adds mechanical stability to active granular layer

  • Stable, constant layer thickness over entire installed area

  • Tailored solutions through combination of active substances

  • Flexible oil absorption

  • Contaminant adsorption with activated carbon

  • Long-Term binding of heavy metals


Our Tektoseal Active Product Family:

Flexible oil absorption

Tektoseal Active AS is a mechanically reinforced oil absorption agent that reliably binds petrochemical products. The versatile geocomposite can be used in water, on water surfaces and on land. Many of the oil binding products currently on the market are unable to cope with external influences: granular absorption agents, for instance, can be carried away by wind and water. Nonwoven-based oil binders have only low stability, particularly after absorbing oil. Tektoseal Active AS combines a high-performance, oil-absorbing polymer with the mechanical stability of geotextiles. Apart from extending the application range and service life of the constituent polymer, the resulting geocomposite can also be readily adapted to meet challenging project-specific requirements. Floating, sinkable or extra-stable products can, for example, be manufactured through the selection of suitable geotextiles. Typical applications involve facilities such as harbours, work yards, track areas, airports, or temporary filling stations and parking areas. The product also offers protection in case of accidents and in many other situations.

A key advantage of Tektoseal Active AS is its ease of use. Being supplied in rolls, it is simple to lay and subsequently remove for disposal. It can also be readily cut to size on site for fitting to the existing geometry.


  • High-performance oil absorber with high mechanical strength
  • Straightforward installation and removal
  • Easy to cut to size on site
  • Floating capability through selection of suitable geotextile
  • Certified oil binder in Germany


  • Oil barrier in track beds, for temporary parking areas and for mobile gas stations
  • Oil absorbing curtain in water
  • Absorption mat for workshops and machinery maintenance
  • Oil barrier for traffic, transport and industrial accidents


  • e.g. oil, diesel, petrol, kerosene

Long-term binding of heavy metals 

Tektoseal Active CP combines geotextile products with an extra-highperformance, natural calcium phosphate that is able to remove heavy metals from soil and waterbodies. It outperforms all other tested active products (e.g. various phosphate rocks, animal based calcium phosphate and char coal manufactured out of it). The active material has already been used to remediate lead-contaminated soil on shooting ranges and to treat acidic mine drainage. After application, it was possible for soil originally destined for a landfill, to remain on site, where it posed no further environmental risk. Tektoseal Active CP filters pore water escaping from soil contaminated with heavy metals or radioactive nuclides, thereby preventing any further pollution of the environment. The reliable binding of contaminants in the active layer helps to reduce existing pollution levels and seal off any new contamination as close as possible to its source. The main benefits of Tektoseal Active CP include the rapid contaminant binding, the capacity of the active material, the high long-term stability of the binding mechanism, the pH neutralisation of the pore water and the function as a phosphorus source.


  • Removal of heavy metals from soil and waterbodies
  • Buffers liquids at a pH value of 7
  • Supports natural regeneration of contaminated soil
  • Stable and permanent binding of metals > 1,000 years


  • Contaminant filter in soils (e.g. landfills)
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Run-off water from infrastructure (transport routes, airports)


  • e.g. Pb, U, Pu, Cd, Zn, Sr

Contaminant adsorption with activated carbon  

Tektoseal Active AC unlocks whole new areas of application for activated carbon – a widely and successfully deployed high-performance adsorption agent – as part of active geocomposite solutions. Activated carbon has so far been used for drinking water treatment, in the chemical industry and at sewage plants. The many new options opened up by Tektoseal Active AC include the encapsulation of pollutants already present in the environment, the prevention of new contaminant migration at the potential source and the removal of contaminants from liquids or gases. The mechanical stability of the active layer allows rapid and straightforward installation of the product wherever it is needed. The active layer is, at the same time, fully protected against any erosion caused by currents or slopes. As for all products in the Tektoseal Active family, another major benefit lies in the possibility of customising the manufacturing process, i.e. adapting the materials in the top, bottom and active layers to local requirements and conditions. 


  • Flexible use
  • Mechanically stable, constant active layer thickness
  • Straightforward installation and removal of contaminant filter
  • Cost-effective compared to ex-situ treatment of pollutants
  • Selection of different activated carbon types


  • Contaminant filter in soils (e.g. industrial wastelands and landfills)
  • Leachate filter for infrastructure (transport routes, airports)
  • Sludge lagoon remediation
  • Active capping under water
  • Contaminant filter in case of traffic, transport and industrial accidents


  • e.g. VOC, TBT, PAH, PCB