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HUESKER Australia - Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering Solutions and Product Excellence to solve your Challenges.

HUESKER Australia forms part of the HUESKER International team of Engineers and Specialists with the experience and knowledge to engineer solutions to your Hydraulic Engineering needs. Facing factors including Climate Change, Population Grown and continuing Economic Expansion; Sustainable Hydraulic Engineering Solutions are increasingly crucial.

SoilTain® Coastal Protection Tubes

  • Long Term Erosion Control Function
  • Large-Volume Tubes guarantee continuous barrier, even over long distances
  • Rapid colonization by marine flora and fauna
  • Cost effective due to savings on armour stone
  • Variety of materials for project-specific selection
  • High UV Resistance

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SoilTain® Coastal Bags

  • Bags for Erosion Control and Scour Protection
  • Durability and Long-Term Performance
  • Filtration Stability
  • Versatile Application Possibilities
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Customized Designs

Incomat Pipeline Cover

  • Pipe Encasement with Concrete Mattresss
  • Reliable protection against buoyancy, uplift and external actions
  • No need for elaborate framework assemblies around the pipe
  • High precision prefabrication for virtually any pipe diameter
  • Progress of works accelerated at relatively low cost
  • Also accommodates Pipeline bends and underwater applications
  • no impairment of cathodic protection

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  • Supreme Lining and Erosion Control Performance
  • Filter and Separation Layer
  • Lining
  • Erosion Control

Bed Protection

  • Economical alternatives to conventional stone fill
  • Heavy-duty revetments for underwater installation
  • High precision filter installation at even greater water depths

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Land Reclamation

  • Innovative system solution for waterway perimeters
  • Efficient Construction
  • Long-term Stabilization

Dams and Dikes

  • Reliable flood control and water containment
  • Base Reinforcement
  • Structural core
  • Lining
  • Filter and Separation layer
  • Top layer

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