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Short summary

Flexible, high-strength, temperature-resistant grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers.

The asphalt reinforcement products of our HaTelit family allow a significant extension of renovation intervals. Thus the useful life of the traffic areas is extended. Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces.

Nothing sticks better to bitumen than bitumen! That is why all our products incorporate a coating with a bitumen content > 60%.



Straightforward, reliable installation

  • Bituminous coating ensures excellent adhesion to base layers
  • Nonwoven backing facilitates installation by saving time and protecting against displacement
  • Roll lengths up to 150 m and varying roll widths up to 5 m reduce the number of overlaps and allow higher installation rates
  • High flexibility and adaptability simplify laying

Resistant to installation damage

  • When driven over by asphalt trucks or tracked pavers
  • During compaction of asphalt
  • When laying on milled surfaces
  • In alkaline environments (when installed on concrete surfaces)

Strong bond

  • Bond between reinforcement and asphalt PLUS bond between asphalt layers
  • Excellent interlock between asphalt layers thanks to ultra-lightweight nonwoven backing (melting point > 150°C) and mesh size > 3 cm

Our HaTelit Product Family:

Flexible grid for durable, high-performance reinforcement of asphalt layers

HaTelit C 40/17 comprises a reinforcement grid made from high-modulus polyester yarn with an ultra-lightweight nonwoven backing. As proven by its 40-year track record, HaTelit C offers a highly durable and thus cost-effective solution which, thanks to the special properties of polyester, is well able to withstand long-term dynamic load

  • Optimum retardation of reflective cracking
  • Maximum resistance to installation damage
  • High resistance to long-term dynamic traffic loads
  • No loss of strength due to moisture

Reinforcement grid made from unique raw material offering maximum flexibility

HaTelit XP is manufactured from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and thus exhibits a variety of useful characteristics. Being alkali-resistant, the reinforcement grid can be installed on asphalt or concrete surfaces. The fact that it also possesses all the familiar features of the HaTelit range makes this product particularly versatile in meeting diverse challenges.

  • Highly efficient retardation of reflective cracking
  • Very high resistance to installation damage
  • High resistance to long-term dynamic traffic loads
  • Durable resistance in alkaline environments (on concrete surfaces)

Self-adhesive reinforcement grid for rehabilitation of asphalt and concrete pavements

The flexible, high-tensile reinforcement grid made from high-modulus polyester yarn laminated with bitumen sheet is particularly suitable for the rehabilitation of small asphalt and concrete pavement areas. The use of HaTelit BL also prevents any moisture or frost from infiltrating into the lower asphalt laye

  • Self-adhesive thanks to laminated bitumen sheet
  • No need for additional spraying with bitumen emulsion
  • Ideal for small pavement areas
  • Reduced effort thanks to fewer site operations and lower plant requirement