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SoilTain Dewatering

Short summary

Tube system for dewatering.

The SoilTain dewatering tube is a technical textile containment system made from a specially developed woven filter that is used to dewater a wide variety of sludge types.



  • Purpose-developed high-performance woven filter material
  • Dewatering tubes manufactured in both standard and project-specific sizes
  • Seams with high tensile strength to ensure performance

Why choose SoilTain dewatering?

The SoilTain dewatering system is easy to install and has a low ongoing maintenance requirement. It can serve as either a temporary or permanent solution. Further tubes can be readily added to the system to increase process capacity.
The SoilTain dewatering system offers an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional dewatering methods.

SoilTain is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.