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Tektoseal Active

Short summary

Environmental protection with Active Geo-Composites

HUESKER‘s Tektoseal Active is a highly innovative product concept that sets new benchmarks in eco-efficient construction and environmental measures for groundwater protection and contaminated site remediation. The active geocomposite products are available in a variety of forms. Specifically for groundwater protection, we offer numerous barrier and filter products for applications involving contaminated surface water and leachate. Tektoseal Active delivers a reliable geosynthetic decontamination solution in cases where it is not feasible to relocate the polluted material.



  • Efficient contaminant absorption at point of infiltration
  • Straightforward installation and removal on land and in water
  •  Bond with geotextiles adds mechanical stability to active granular layer
  • Stable, constant layer thickness over entire installed area
  • Tailored solutions through combination of active substances
  • Flexible oil absorption
  • Contaminant adsorption with activated carbon
  • Long-Term binding of heavy metals

Our Tektoseal Active Product Family: