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Skytex Light Ridge

Short Summary

Light ridge with excellent daylighting performance that doubles up as vent

The Skytex light ridge is a product from the HUESKER Light and Air range. Alongside the intelligent Lubratec® wind protection/ventilation systems and Ventitec® high-volume fans, the light ridge plays a key role in optimizing the indoor environment of livestock houses.

The stable, round-arch assembly with the UV-resistant membrane achieves optimum light diffusion through the 13 ft 2in - 23 ft (4-7 m) wide opening while minimizing direct sunlight and solar gain, thus preventing the air from heating up. High wind deflectors and large openings additionally ensure efficient air extraction.


Certified producer

HUESKER is certified according to DIN EN 1090 for the company’s own production control. In accordance with the regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 for construction products, load-bearing steel and aluminum structures, such as the Skytex light ridge, have to be produced according to the harmonized standard DIN EN 1090.


  • Light distributing membrane
  • High stability due to round-arch construction
  • Weather- and UV-resistant
  • Enhanced ventilation performance due to suction created by wind deflectors
  • Opening widths of 13 ft 2 in - 23 ft (4-7 m)

Why choose Skytex light ridges?

The innovative design and materials concept of the Skytex light ridge delivers vastly superior daylighting performance compared to standard solutions. The UV-resistant membrane combines extremely wide daylight diffusion with a high absorption of solar energy, thereby preventing a greenhouse effect.

Various types of sheet are available to meet project-specific requirements.