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Healthy Calf Barn

Short Summary

Only a healthy calf can grow into a prize cow

Working in conjunction with experienced vets and farmers, HUESKER has developed a concept for an optimized climate in calf barns. A healthy combination of natural and active ventilation, continuous air extraction and ample daylight characterise the barn. The micro-climate is defined by an optimised calf cubicle. A simplified building structure lowers the construction expenses. 


Why choose healthy calf barn?

Vets throughout Germany provide customer counselling and contribute to the development of purpose-designed solutions. In collaboration with the technicians of our partner VETSMARTTUBES, HUESKER analyses the air flows throughout the building and in the individual calf cubicles. Practitioners from livestock building specialist Schrijver have also assisted in the development of calf cubicles that combine supreme hygiene with intelligent, labour-saving design and absolute animal comfort. The calves directly benefit from the high-comfort micro-climate created by the ventilation tubes and specially designed cubicles. The housing quality is further enhanced by the side ventilation system and light ridge.