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Reliable Performance, Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability are the three pivotal factors in Environmental Engineering.

A Focus on Ecology

HUESKER Australia forms part of the HUESKER International team of Engineers and Specialists with the experience and knowledge to engineer solutions to your Environmental Engineering issues.The Environmental Engineering business area offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions tailored to the project-specific challenges faced by our customers. It is broken down into segments, including : Dewatering, Remediation, Landfill Construction, Groundwater Protection and Geosynthetic Ballast Layers.Facing Global Challenges including Climate Change, Emerging Contaminants, Water and Environmental Protection; Ecological Environmental Engineering Solutions are increasingly crucial.

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Tektoseal Active


  • Multi-layer Geosynthetic Composites
  • Active material layers for Contaminant Absorption, adsorption and as a contaminant barrier
  • Tailored product solutions to specific problems

Tektoseal Active delivers a reliable Geosynthetic remediation solution in cases where it is not feasible or cost effective to remove and dispose of the contaminated sediment or soil.

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Landfill Construction

Tektoseal Sand is a three-layer geo-composite with encapsulated quartz sand that can be used as a combined protective layer system for the bottom linings of landfill sites. Combining non-wovens certified by BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) and a centrally arranged sand content. Tektoseal Sand offers proven long-term protection for polymer liners in a landfill environment. In addition to its excellent protective performance, this hybrid solution exhibits outstanding frictional properties in slope areas and can offer cost effective installation.

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HUESKER SoilTain service:

  • Engineering Support for customised Tube Design
  • Placement Planning and Area Calculations
  • Optimisation of Tube Sizes and Numbers
  • Custom-Manufacture of tubes to meet project requirements
  • Recommendation of Local Specialist Operators

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SoilTain Protect

SoilTain Protect is an innovative geotextile containment system manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art weaving technology, which provides a tubular system interconnected into a singular geosynthetic mattress configuration. SoilTain Protect should be utilized wherever it is required to avoid solar and UV exposure on geomembranes.
This HUESKER solution reduces construction time, construction and operational risk, construction and operational cost and contributes to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of containment operations.

Unique benefits of SoilTain Protect:

  • Eliminates heavy construction equipment on top of primary geomembranes
  • Eliminates greatest threat to liner integrity
  • Enhances site safety significantly through reduction of construction traffic
  • Increases storage space due to using waste (e.g. tailings, coal ash) inside the protection tubes
  • Protects your environmental investment safely and efficiently

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The steadily growing requirements placed on contaminated site remediation and groundwater protection are fueling the demand for new products and engineering solutions to support eco-friendly design and construction. Drawing on its global network, HUESKER has expended considerable resources in recent years on research into special Active Geo-Composites and the development of the Tektoseal Active product family.

Groundwater Protection

Tektoseal Active serves to prevent groundwater contamination wherever there is a risk of oil, petrol or other pollutants infiltrating into unsealed areas.
The Geo-Composite binds the contaminants while remaining permeable to rainwater. It can, for example, be used in track beds, as a base for temporary filling stations and parking areas, and for emergency clean-ups after accidents.
Tektoseal Active can also be deployed in water as an absorbent protective barrier. In emergencies, for instance, Tektoseal Active AS allows the rapid installation of an oil absorbing curtain in water or an oil barrier on the water surface. The Geo-Composite can be designed to float or sink per project specific requirements.
Landfill Construction

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