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Scientific Reviewed Papers
Fantini, Pierpaolo | Alexiew, Dr.-Ing. D.

Bridging embedded pipelines: some options and recent tests


Buried pipelines are located, often, just one to two meters below ground surface leading to significant problems if construction of new infrastructures require pipeline crossings because induced loads cause further soil stresses that can be critical for pipes not specifically designed to support traffic or equipment: in such cases it is necessary to minimize additional stresses to avoid significant pipe deformations and damages. A wide range of methods has been developed and applied over the years in order to reduce soil stresses around the pipe but sometimes the solutions are too sophisticated, expensive or time consuming; recently, innovative approaches look towards modern construction materials such as high-strength polyvinyl-alcohol geogrids. The paper presents the results of the instrumented field full scale test performed on a buried pipeline subjected to extra static & dynamic loads, demonstrating that proper installation of high tensile geogrid works as mitigation measure against additional soil stresses and pipe ovalization at the crossing point.