Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements

Selecting the right solution for pavement distresses can be a major decision.

In most cases, asphalt pavements that suffer fatigue cracking, exhibiting high severity oxidation and raveling will at some point require rehabilitation. Likewise, concrete pavements will suffer from pavement cracking that when overlaid, will also translate cracking to the new surface. Decisions to remove and replace can be very expensive and time consuming, thus causing traffic delays. HUESKER can offer an alternative solution to traditional rehabilitation, in some instances, by eliminating a "mill and fill" and traditional dig out repairs. In the event milling is required, HUESKER's interlayers are designed to be placed directly on a milled surface eliminating the need for a leveling course, saving time and money.

With over 40 years of experience, and a successful track record, rehabilitation of asphalt pavements and concrete pavements with HaTelit® high-strength reinforcement interlayers is now state of the art.


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