Flexcover Combi Transport Combination

Functional upgrade for manure transportation

Using the Flexcover Combi solution, an existing tipping trailer can be converted for use as a manure transport vehicle to move liquid manure/fermentation liquids to fields in the same way as a tanker. This is accomplished by removing the original trailer tailgate and installing the Combi system onto the tailgate fittings. Any complex installation is avoided as the entire module is supplied fully assembled, including the pump and storage bag. Hydraulic hoses for the pump and RotaCut need to be installed on just one occasion prior to the initial assembly, with subsequent connection to the tractor/trailer hydraulics or an auxiliary pump.


  • Economical and user-friendly

  • Vehicle load capacity adapted to the maximum trailer load

  • Conversion by two people takes less than an hour

  • No direct encroachment on the tipper; the tipping function is not affected

  • Pressure sensor, high-pressure valve and overflow alarm to guarantee a safe filling process

Features Storage Tank

  • PVC coated woven with increased UV-resistant finish

  • 1.150 g/m²

  • Resistant to damage by flexing; no cracks after 100.000 flexures

  • Temperature stability from - 30° C to + 70° C

  • Chemical resistance against liquid manure/acid/ammonium nitrate and others

Why choose Flexcover Combi?

With the innovative Flexcover Combi, a transport combination has been developed, that dispenses with the need to acquire a new, additional vehicle. The modular modification enables multiple use of tipping trailers without having to make any long-term change to the tipper itself. This user-friendly conversion creates an ideal transport vehicle that can be deployed throughout the entire spreading chain and liquid transportation process.


Further information

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